I love longbows!!!

“ My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Leon Stewart at ETAR in 2013. His display caught my wife’s eye by the beauty of his bows. Every bow is just as stunning as the next. After shooting my wife’s bow I decided to buy a Leon Stewart of my own. I called Leon and bought a used bow, what a shooter, I was so pleased I bought another. After buying 2 used bows my wife talked me into ordering a new bow from Leon and picking out the woods myself. I really did not want to drive 5 hours to his shop but my wife talked me into it. Boy I’m glad she did. I assumed he would set aside an hour or so for us, but Leon had set aside his entire day. Not only did he take the time to show me all the different woods available, but he helped me select what would not only look good together but would also shoot well. He invited my wife and me into his home to see his personal collection and many hunting trophies. He allowed us to shoot all his own personal bows and the bows he had in stock for sale. I was like a kid in a candy store. I will definitely be making the trip again. The bow I ordered was well worth the wait. Everything I thought it would be and more. What started out as 1 bow for my wife has turned into 5 Leon Stewart bows in my own collection. Every bow a different poundage but all shoot exactly the same. Not only do they shoot where you look, they pull smooth, are extremely fast and are dead quiet. Everything you could possibly want in a bow. I have shot a lot of bows in my time and I have bought and sold many. I have finally found the best bow for me. The whole experience made us feel not like customers but friends. Thank you Leon, for all your time and hospitality.”  – Tom and Marianne Yaegle

“ I know most of Leon’s clients are hunters, but there are a few of us folks that target shoot and that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun too you know. I’ve been shooting for 2 years now and still a beginner, but I have a passion and love of archery and wanted to treat myself to a really fine custom bow. I asked around and did some research online. I finally decided to go with Leon and sure glad I did. His bows looked unique and exceptional on his website. He is a true professional. I called him a few times to get some information and he was most patient and helpful to me. So I ordered one last year and received it 2 weeks ago. It was well worth the wait and just as described, but even more beautiful in person. So I asked myself is Leon a craftsman or an artist. Well he’s both. The bow is absolutely excellent in form and function and finished to perfection. It is absolutely gorgeous, smooth, quiet, accurate and fast. I know I will enjoy this bow for the rest of my life; so thank you Leon for building me my dream bow!”.  – Rob Martin
deer_2009_tom“ Leon’s bows are built from the ground up for one purpose and that is hunting. I have owned and shot most of his bows and have not found one that I could not shoot. They shoot where you look, the grip is always there and shot-to-shot consistency is the best I have seen in either longbow or recurve. His detail to fit and finish is as good as it gets and his bows are bombproof. I have said it more than once, if I had to be stuck in the bush with one bow it would be a Stewart bow for dependability. If you have not tried one you are missing shooting and owning one of the best”.  – Tom Massaro
deer_2008_gary_leon“ Leon Stewart bows are built to shoot and hunt with. I have many of Leons bows and believe me they are superior to any I have owned and shot. They are light in the hand, shoot where you look and are built to last a lifetime. Leons bows are fast, feel great in the hand, and quiet as a church mouse. I recently purchased one of Leons takedown recurves and I cannot put it down. I cannot grab it wrong as the grip just grabs my hand the right way every time. Tremendous speed, quiet and extremely hard hitting. Leon will also make a truly custom bow for your every want and need. When you buy a bow from Leon, you don’t just get a bow, you get a friend as well. Leon is a special bowyer, a best friend and builds the best bow money can buy bar none.”  – Gary McWilliams
“ There is a saying you get what you pay for.Well with Leon Stewart”s bows you get more then what you pay for.His bows shoot where you look,quiet as can be,smooth as silk,and extremely fast.They are not only a work of art but built to hunt with.I own two of his bows and love them.So much that I bought my dad one,my wife one and my eight year old son one.Leon is not only a great bowyer but a great guy.My dad and I have both spent time at his shop shooting and Leon has helped us both become better shooters.With Leon you get more then a great bow you also get a good friend.”  – John Clark

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